Stage visuals and Billboard advertising

MOTN Festival

The Mother Of The Nation (MOTN) festival is one of the UAE's most grandiose celebrations, bringing together an eclectic mix of art, gastronomy, music, and entertainment. The festival’s theme embraced a vintage style of American dinners featuring bright patterns and neon glow elements.

The client requested captivating animations that incorporate their specific colors, patterns, and slogans like “See it. Feel it. Live it”. To enhance the visual experience, I created two sections: the first with a ‘60s vibe featuring bright elements, and the second depicting a night city adorned with neon glow elements and objects. For a seamless transition between sections, I utilized a “match cut effect,” where the daytime city scene changes to a neon glow city.
These visuals were showcased for 18 days in Abu Dhabi, both around the festival area on screens and the big stage, equipped with 12 LED screens.

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